Landing the Interview

Before you can be called for any interview, you first have to be shortlisted.

But how do you get a chance in that small list of potential candidates? It is very simple. Actually, it takes a bit of work. You may increase your chances with these tips:

When applying for a job, it is important that you match your skills, experience, capabilities and qualifications to the position advertised. Applying for a HR Manager position when you are barely out of college with no hands on experience on the job is a waste of time. If by chance you get hired, you may get too overwhelmed and end up being frustrated. You need to ensure that you meet at least 80% of the minimum qualifications for any position before you can comfortably apply.

Update your CV and match it to the job. Draft a proper cover letter. Again, this must be in line with the job you are applying for. Avoid those ‘copy & paste’ cover letters you use for every vacancy. Check for grammar, spelling mistakes, proper punctuation etc.

Ensure that when sending in your application,you stick to the instructions. If the advertisement said, ’email your documents to….’ don’t waste your time sending a hard copy document. Please note that small things like not following instructions disqualifies a candidate. With the current unemployment rate in Kenya, an employer may receive 1,000 applications when they are looking to fill in one position. So at the shortlisting stage, any small mistakes takes you out of the list.

Stick to the deadline indicated in the advertisement. The earlier you send your documents, the better for you. Sometimes recruiters begin the recruitment process before the deadline expires especially when the turn out is huge and may close the process even before the deadline date if they get the right number of potential candidates.

Once the application has been sent, wait for further communication. Check your emails daily, keep your phone on. It is shameful sometimes when a candidate you emailed for an interview calls you three days later to say they didn’t see the invite on time. If you notice delay in communication, you may call the company and find out if they completed the shortlisting process.

Should you be shortlisted and for some reason you cannot make it at all or say at the stipulated time, always feel free to communicate and request to be scheduled at a different time or simply apologize for your unavailability. However, do not arrive late without communicating, neither should you be a know show without informing the recruiter.


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