The success of every organization depends entirely on the employees of the company. You need to have the right people, not the best ones in order to achieve this success.

Loyalty makes a right employee. Loyalty is one of the top qualities any employer needs to look for in every staff. It is what counts when push comes to shove.

Loyalty is having your employer’s back. It’s doing the right thing even when the boss is not watching. It includes having your employer’s interest at heart when making decisions while still obeying the law. Loyalty is telling your employer, ‘look, what we are about to do is unlawful, it may benefit us now but in the long run, it will work against us’. Loyalty is performing your job with a clean heart, without expecting your employer to applaud you all the time. Loyalty is taking pride in your employer because you believe in them, and when you wear your work badge/logo, you walk with your shoulders pushed back, chest out and your head raised up high.

Some employer’s however confuse loyalty with other things. That a loyal employee is that one that sneaks into the bosses’ office and starts gossiping and bad mouthing the rest of the staff. No, that a gossip! You see how fast they are at telling you about other employees’ shortcomings instead of assisting them work on them, that’s how fast they are at selling you out to your enemies. That a loyal staff is the one that arrives first in the office and leaves last, that who doesn’t take lunch breaks because they are too busy with work, doesn’t go on leave lest she be needed by the boss and answers ‘yes Sir/Madam’ to everything the boss says.

Loyalty goes beyond just the few years you spend in a company. I know for a fact that there are people I have met and companies I have worked in that I am loyal to to date. Not because they are the best people or companies in this country but because my experience with them was life changing. You may be the most hardworking, punctual, highly educated and all, but if I cannot trust you, we cannot work together properly.

Loyalty should be rewarded too. And whenever you establish a truly loyal employee or friend, you need to keep them very close to you. A loyal person/employee will stay true to you no matter what…..until the end.

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