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Job Referrals

Most of us have gotten a job by being referred to the employer by probably a friend, a former colleague/boss or even a […]

Occupational Grief

When we speak about grief most of the time, we are probably speaking about someone passing away. But have you ever experienced occupational […]

The BIG Conversation around Period Poverty

When the nominated senator Gloria Orwoba walked into the senate while wearing a suit stained in fake menstrual blood, there was a huge […]

Your financial health in 2023

It’s a new year and we are back to the grind, ‘chasing the bag’. Fantastic! But do you know how to manage ‘the […]

Handling counter offers upon resignation

What would you do if your current employer were to offer you a salary raise after you told them that you are resigning […]

Toxic Employees

So much has been said about toxic employers that I don’t think there is a single person out there who has not experienced […]

Quiet Quitting

We were at the gym when my workout partner came to me very excited and told me of these videos she had watched […]

Salary Negotiations; what you need to know

I was recently invited to speak at a webinar and when my host asked me what subject I wanted to speak on and […]