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The BIG Conversation around Period Poverty

When the nominated senator Gloria Orwoba walked into the senate while wearing a suit stained in fake menstrual blood, there was a huge […]

Your financial health in 2023

It’s a new year and we are back to the grind, ‘chasing the bag’. Fantastic! But do you know how to manage ‘the […]

Handling counter offers upon resignation

What would you do if your current employer were to offer you a salary raise after you told them that you are resigning […]

Toxic Employees

So much has been said about toxic employers that I don’t think there is a single person out there who has not experienced […]

Quiet Quitting

We were at the gym when my workout partner came to me very excited and told me of these videos she had watched […]

Salary Negotiations; what you need to know

I was recently invited to speak at a webinar and when my host asked me what subject I wanted to speak on and […]

What Labour Day really means to an employee

Labour Day is celebrated globally by workers on the 1st of May. In Kenya specifically, aside from being an additional rest day, it […]

Your Employment Contract; the contention

I know this might sound very basic but it’s important for me to state it here. An Employment Contract is simply an agreement […]