Job Referrals

Most of us have gotten a job by being referred to the employer by probably a friend, a former colleague/boss or even a […]

Occupational Grief

When we speak about grief most of the time, we are probably speaking about someone passing away. But have you ever experienced occupational […]

The BIG Conversation around Period Poverty

When the nominated senator Gloria Orwoba walked into the senate while wearing a suit stained in fake menstrual blood, there was a huge […]

Your financial health in 2023

It’s a new year and we are back to the grind, ‘chasing the bag’. Fantastic! But do you know how to manage ‘the […]

Handling counter offers upon resignation

What would you do if your current employer were to offer you a salary raise after you told them that you are resigning […]

Toxic Employees

So much has been said about toxic employers that I don’t think there is a single person out there who has not experienced […]

Quiet Quitting

We were at the gym when my workout partner came to me very excited and told me of these videos she had watched […]

Salary Negotiations; what you need to know

I was recently invited to speak at a webinar and when my host asked me what subject I wanted to speak on and […]

What Labour Day really means to an employee

Labour Day is celebrated globally by workers on the 1st of May. In Kenya specifically, aside from being an additional rest day, it […]

Your Employment Contract; the contention

I know this might sound very basic but it’s important for me to state it here. An Employment Contract is simply an agreement […]

My junior gets paid more than me…

What do you do when you discover that your junior or a colleague on the same job level as you is getting paid […]

To resign or wait to be fired?

What happens when an employee resigns in the middle of a disciplinary process against them? Should the employer accept the resignation or proceed […]

Due Process

If you are a Human Resources Practitioner, you have probably heard this term a thousand times. The reason I’m writing about this subject […]

When it’s a Family Affair

What was your experience employing or working with a family member in the same company you work? I’m most interested in hearing from […]

Is that really necessary?

How do you respond to a Supervisor who is constantly shouting at and embarrassing you in public whenever they are giving instructions or […]

Knowledge is Power

‘My people perish from lack of knowledge….. Hosea 4:6‘ This is a Biblical verse from the Old Testament that is very relevant to […]

What Next?

Over the last three months, the number of people who’ve lost their jobs and those whose current status of employment remain shaky has […]

Finding the Balance

Almost all of us have heard about the ‘new normal’ or attended at least one webinar/zoom meeting since Covid-19 became a reality. Following […]

Keep calm & call the HR!

Steve Jobs once said that it does not make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do…… Many companies […]

Do you think I should go back?

Someone recently asked me, and many other people have asked before, if I thought it is wise that they should go back to […]

Hello Woman,

Happy New Year to you!!! As we begin another year and decade, I believe I need to say this. It is something I […]

Your End of Year Party

Normally as the year comes to a close, some employers ‘appreciate’ their employees by hosting end of year parties where they take stock […]

Employment Gap

When review a candidate’s CV, it is very common that you will notice a break from employment for a certain period of time […]

Success vs Marriage

As a Woman, you may hold a Doctorate Degree, a senior Management position in a well respected organization, command respect whenever you step […]

Tell us about yourself

This is one one of the most commonly used statements in any interview. I have been asked this ‘question’ and I know I […]

Should I or should I not change jobs?

Have you ever looked at your CV and checked on how long you have been able to stay in one job before moving […]

Arming Private Security Guards

Terrorism has become very real in Kenya and the subject of issuing of guns to private security guards has become a subject of […]

Dear 2018,

This is going to be my final article this year on this blog. The following are my major take homes from this year: […]

After you get the job…

It is often said that, ‘always remember that what you are currently taking for granted was once something you prayed for desperately’. Recently, […]

Why you may still be jobless

In recent times, finding a job even after graduating from the university has become a huge challenge facing most job seekers. As a […]

Referrals vs Advertisement

I haven’t sat in many interview panels as an interviewer or interviewee. In fact, the thought of sitting in makes me a lot […]

Interview Lessons

In my career, I’ve had a very rare opportunity of changing someone’s life for the better. Every few months or so, I get […]

After you leave your Employer

Exiting employment is hard, whether it’s under good circumstances or not so good terms. In any normal organization, you will find that everyone […]

Choose Life!

Today, I wasn’t able to honor a friend’s invite to a suicide prevention forum but even from where I sit, I know that […]

Discipline is the road to Success

My former secondary school motto read, ‘Discipline is the road to success‘. I wore a shirt daily for four years with a badge […]

Confidentiality in the HR profession

Most, if not all employment contracts have the confidentiality clause that requires every employee to keep all company information as confidential as possible. […]

Internal Job Interviews

Some months back, one of my junior staff walked up to me and told me that she felt that it was time for […]

5 Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid

There are some very simple mistakes that candidates make which I believe can be avoided as they stand a chance of ruining your […]

Having that difficult conversation with an employee

When you practice human resource, you will find yourself in situations where you must have an uncomfortable conversation with a staff; whether personal […]

Dealing with that difficult colleague

We spend a great deal of our time at our workplaces, so ideally, we’d wish that we get along with everyone because you […]

When you hit rock bottom…..

If you’ve ever hit rock bottom then you can attest to the fact that down there is very dark and lonely. I personally […]

Workplace Romance

Someone recently sought guidance on how to handle a case where a senior Manager had been romantically involved with a junior staff and […]

Let them go….

One day a father and son walked into my office unannounced. The son was looking for a job and so his father had […]

Resolving Workplace Conflict

Conflict at the workplace is inevitable, and that’s because where human beings are involved, there is bound to be difference in opinion. Conflict […]

When Should I leave my Employer?

Our exit from an organization may be forced, while other times, it’s voluntary. The question however remains, when is the right time to […]

Why Should We Hire You?

While conducting a job interview, I like to ask this question because it helps me to understand a candidate’s drive a bit more. […]

Employee Documentation

One of the things that employees fail to take seriously is the personal information that they provide their employers that go into one’s […]

Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave has been one of the most sensitive subject matters in employment in Kenya. According to Part V, Section 29 of the […]

Human Resources practice

Over time, I have come to learn that human resources practice is one of the loneliest professions one can undertake. As exciting and […]

Happy Mothers’ Day

Today we celebrate Mothers’ Day and so I celebrate my mother as well as several other great mothers out there. My mother was […]

You are Fired!

Getting fired is one thing that people rarely admit. I think its because it is somehow associated with failure and shame or something […]

Why did you leave your former employer?

The above question has been a point of discussion in one of my professional networks and I’d like to just share my thoughts […]

Success is not Sexually Transmitted!

You may have heard or been told that for you to get employment in Kenya, you need to know somebody who knows another […]

Hello Friend

Show me your friends and I’ll tell you the kind of person you are! Your friends are a reflection of who you really […]

Happy Labour Day all

1st May is one of the most important day in the lives of employees especially in Kenya since this is the day they […]

Letting an Employee go

As a HR Practitioner, you definitely have found yourself in a position where you have had to terminate or summarily dismiss an employee […]

Why take the stairs if you can use the elevator?

Recently, I heard one popular radio presenter ask his listeners the question, ‘why take the stairs when you can use the elevator and […]

Making the Exit process bearable

If you have ever resigned from a job or been fired, the exit process has sometimes not been smooth especially when the employer […]

What are we so afraid of???

Fear is the loud voice is our head that keeps telling us that we can’t do it, we are not strong enough, we […]

Dealing with workplace bullying

A few years ago when I was still new in HR practise and knew nothing about karate, I worked in a certain company […]

When you are ready for that Promotion

Have you ever felt in your career that it’s the right time for a promotion but the promotion doesn’t seem to come even […]

How deep are your connections?

When the current Nairobi County Governor (before he became one) took out his phone in a public demonstration and called the President of […]

Workplace Dress Code

One of the most controversial topics at work places has been how employees should dress. Apart from companies that provide uniforms for their […]

Handling Rejection

Simply because you have not gotten what you want doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. I really wanted to join […]

The dog ate my homework

Procrastination is a thief of time! While in high school, I had sought the help of a tutor after I wasn’t improving in […]

What it takes to lead a team

Leadership is the ability to direct the activities of others for in order to achieve the common goal. Being a leader is not […]

Managing Change in the new Job….

The moment you are hired in a new company, the first few months of your joining are a huge test and an adjustment […]

Should I take up the New Job?

A friend of mine recently asked me to help her make a decision as she had received a job offer from another company […]

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest in HR practise or any other practise is quite common and regardless of how careful you are, at one point, […]

Your Boss is always right

When I walked into my former primary school staff room, I saw a notice on the wall, on the general sitting area that […]

Hope even when hope is hopeless

I write about hope today as a special message to my friend who is currently hanging in there. Sometimes life happens and everything […]

Success Redefined

Your success in life is not determined by the number of cars you own, your job title at work, the designer clothes you […]

The Power of Persistence

There have been so many stories of great men today who had doors shut on their faces several times before they became successful. […]

How important is your job to you?

How important is our job to us is one big question we must all be willing to ask ourselves and what exactly are […]


Why do we hire very smart employees and then start to treat them like they are stupid? When I joined a certain company […]

Dear Mentor II

When I think about the great influences in my career, I think about one J.N Musomba. JN was my Director and literally held […]

Financial Discipline

One of the issues that HRMs grapple with on a daily basis are employees with poor financial planning skills. Over the period of […]

You are Fired!

If you have practised human resource management, you have probably worked with a boss who has at one point told you ‘I need […]

Are you about to be conned?

There are increased cases of job seekers being conned by very organized individuals/institutions who promise to employ them. I almost fell victim recently […]

Mother tongue in the Workplace

For those who shop in open air markets, you have probably found yourself asking for the price of an item but the owner […]

Sexual Harassment

Part II, Section 6 (1) of the Employment Act 2007 defines sexual harassment as ‘if the employer, the representative of the employer or […]

Landing the Interview

Before you can be called for any interview, you first have to be shortlisted. But how do you get a chance in that […]

Till we meet again….

When I received a phone call today from one of my staff’s relatives notifying me that the said staff had passed away, I […]

The Interview

A lot goes on in the interview room which greatly affect the outcome of the whole exercise. As a candidate, these are some […]

Dear Mentor…

One of the biggest influences and mentors in my career was a gentleman called Ken. When I remember Ken Wood, there is just […]

Before the Interview

Recruitment process is one of the major activities of any Human Resource Manager. From my experience, it is not one of the exciting […]

To those that much is given……

I’m not a politician so whenever a work related incident is politicized, it gets me on edge. I prefer to deal with the […]


The success of every organization depends entirely on the employees of the company. You need to have the right people, not the best […]

Happy Women’s Day

I’ve met and been inspired by great women in my life, I’ve read about exceptional women, women who have conquered barriers. Of all […]

I’m looking for a Job…

Whenever someone calls me to say, ‘Hi Ann, I’m looking for a job. Can you help me find one?’ My response is always […]

Welcome to your New Job

The Human Resource office is one of the most feared offices in any organization. As a matter of fact, it is the only […]


One of my University Professors defined ‘Integrity’ simply as ‘doing the right thing when no one is watching’. It is important that whether […]


Whenever we hear about ‘Motivation’ at our places of work, the first thing that crosses our minds is what the employer is going […]

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton