Workplace Dress Code

One of the most controversial topics at work places has been how employees should dress.

Apart from companies that provide uniforms for their employees, the rest of the staff have always been at liberty to put on whatever they choose. There is no law that states that staff should dress in a certain way to work. Companies though, have always come up with dress code policies to offer clarity in this area.

This is probably for the ladies who at some point have found themselves in situations where they have been accused of indecently dressing. Men on the other hand have used the dressing issue to justify sexual harassment at the work place. I wish to state categorically that there is no justification for sexual harassment towards a male or female staff and any perpetrator should be held accountable.

I will not tell you the best dress code, that’s a personal choice. However, what I believe is that how you dress to work reflects directly on the image you wish to project of yourself as well as the image of the organization. It’s called packaging yourself. People tend to see the outside of you first before they get to know the real you; your inside. It is human nature to judge someone from how they dress, even though most of the time, the reality is always different.

As a HRM, I’m not a ‘morality headmistress’. It is however my job to ensure that the image of the company does not come into disrepute from certain employee conducts.

I’m a huge believer in maintaining a certain image at the workplace, depending on the industry one is working at. It is always said that you should dress according to the occasion. So if you are dressing to work, look like it. Look like the image you are trying to portray. You do not need expensive clothes to look good. You can dress up in your regular outfits and still look great. It is mostly not about what you wear but how you wear it. And don’t forget to put on your most important accessory: confidence.


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