Why take the stairs if you can use the elevator?

Recently, I heard one popular radio presenter ask his listeners the question, ‘why take the stairs when you can use the elevator and get there faster?’

This gentleman was discussing a very different subject matter altogether though. One of the things I have noted and mostly in the young people looking for jobs is that most of them want to start at the top, or other, get there immediately. Some look at you and quote a six figure salary in their first attempt at looking for a job, and that’s because they say they have a Bachelor’s Degree in that area.

The thing is, unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you will have to start from the bottom. Some of the most successful and rich men and women around the world will tell you their story and you will be surprised by how far they have come. But then again, we live in a world of instant gratification, we want everything NOW! Remember that the fact that you have two degrees does not guarantee you a Managerial job, neither does it make you more competent than a Diploma holder.

You need to understand that starting from the bottom has its perks. It builds resilience, patience and character in you. You get to learn the basics as you prepare for greater responsibilities, otherwise, you will crumble too fast under pressure. I can tell you freely that it is very lonely at the top sometimes. You need all these people you met along the way to help you ‘stay sane’ there at times.

At the Dojo as a Karateka, the Sensei insists that at the beginning of every class, we all start with the basics of karate before any student can move to the more advanced techniques. Whether you are a 3rd Dan or a 10th Kyu, we all start from the same level. It is mandatory.

It is important that you are patient in life, take your time, learn, perfect your skill and keep climbing the stairs until you get to the top. If you ever lost everything while at the top, you will be in a better shape to start over again if you rose there steadily, as apposed to someone who got there instantly.

So whether you take the elevator or the stairs, you will probably get to the top. However, taking the stairs, though a bit slower, will get you there STRONGER and more resilient. I choose the stairs!


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