Why Should We Hire You?

While conducting a job interview, I like to ask this question because it helps me to understand a candidate’s drive a bit more.

The answers that come up are interesting, but today, I’d like to focus on one; because I need this job. It is not wrong to say that to a recruiter, however, it just doesn’t motivate me enough to want to give you the job and that’s because, all the other candidates seated out there need that job too, that’s why they came, I believe.

As a candidate, you need to know that the panel is most interested in what you will offer the company if hired as opposed to your current state of joblessness. Therefore, your answer must be geared towards convincing them of the same. When you attend an interview you hope and pray that they choose you, but they can’t do that if you don’t give them reasons why.

An interview is an opportunity for you to market yourself to a potential employer. How you package yourself is what will most likely land you the job. And that package needs to be more than just the fact that you have not had a job in a long time and you need one desperately. You may even be tempted to cry while explaining this, but the truth is, tears will most likely not move the panel. I understand that staying jobless can be hard and draining. But when you walk into that interview room, you need to convince them to hire you with more than just your personal problems and tears.

So next time you land into that shortlist, no matter how desperate you are, go in there and market your capabilities and everything else you will offer if hired. Goodluck!

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