When you hit rock bottom…..

If you’ve ever hit rock bottom then you can attest to the fact that down there is very dark and lonely.

I personally have found myself in that dark place a couple of times, both professionally and relationshipwise. I admit, there were times I felt my life was not worth anything. I started existing instead of living and yes, I wished for the ground to open up so it could swallow me. The good news however is, I’m still here, I fought through the difficulties. I picked up a few lessons along the way though:

#1: No matter how good you are, you can be replaced. That is the honest truth so never get too comfortable. And don’t feel sorry for yourself for too long, it’s a waste of your energy. You are not the first person to be rejected, neither are you going to be the last.

#2: Very bad things happen to very good people. You will not always understand why most times, so just move along with it until it gets better because you know what, the sun will always shine in the morning. Sometimes, the answers you seek are never in black or white and the deeper you dig, the more you hurt yourself.

#3: No one in this life owes you anything so stop expecting people to repay you for the good you have done to them. Do your best and keep moving forward. And please, no one is coming to rescue you from your misery, the decision to get back up is yours.

#4: This is not the last trial you will face, neither is it the last time you will fall, so keep coming back up and fighting. Even Jesus Christ Himself said it, ‘….in this life, you will have trouble, but worry not, for I have overcome the world’.

#5: Stop trying to control everything and trying to be perfect. You are only human and so you are allowed to be imperfect. It is okay to be vulnerable at times and to break down and cry like a baby.

#6: Finally and most importantly, God’s grace is always sufficient and there is no place in this life that His grace will not reach. And yes, you must trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not in your own understanding.

Always remember this, God will not let you be tested beyond what you can bear so when you reach the end of your rope, don’t let go, tie a knot and hold on to it!


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