Success Redefined

Your success in life is not determined by the number of cars you own, your job title at work, the designer clothes you wear, the kind of house you live in or the amount of money in your bank account.

As a human being, I believe that our level of humanity really speaks about how successful we are. When we accumulate so much wealth and become misers with the wealth, I believe the wealth doesn’t matter. When we are able to use the little or much that we got to help other people, we are truly successful.

When you hear summons in some churches these day, the ‘man of God’ emphasizes on how much you need to pray and fast so that God can bless you with a lot of money. You are asked and sometimes blackmailed into giving all that you have left in the promise that God will receive it and then riches will begin to follow you. When the seating arrangement is done in church, there is a section for the who’s and who’s in the community, the rest can fix themselves somewhere. My question is however, is material wealth all that’s important in our lives? If your job title, you car, house and money were stripped off you today, what would remain of you? I have nothing against the church, let’s be very clear on that. Let me tell you, God is a very good and just God. He will bless you not because you always give a tithe of Kshs. 100,000 in church monthly or because you have been fasting for the last two weeks, He will bless you because He wants to bless you.All you need to do is honor Him.

My opinion in this is that you are not truly successful until you have done something good for someone who does not have the ability to repay you.You are not truly successful until you have used your riches; small or huge to impact positively on someone else’s life. If your hearts stopped beating today, who will remember the luxury cars you owned, or the expensive designer suits you wore, not unless they want to grab them? Let us also not base the level of respect we accord other on their material possession.

It is not your title or the size of your pocket that makes you a human being, but your ability to show humanity to other people. When our financial success gets into our heads, it changes our perspective in life sometimes, we begin to imagine things, live with suspicion, treat others like lesser human beings. However, when all is said and done, all that will be left of us or be remembered for is how much positive impact we had on other people’s lives, and not all the trouble we caused.

Be humble, be successful!

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