Success is not Sexually Transmitted!

You may have heard or been told that for you to get employment in Kenya, you need to know somebody who knows another somebody who’s very influential.

To deny that these allegations are not true to some extent is to bury one’s head in the sand. Finding a job sometimes proves difficult even when you know you have what it takes, but to believe that you always need to have connections to be employed is a lie. Or that as a woman or man, you need to have sexual relations with an influential person to be employed is just a belief, without any basis to justify it.

Success is not sexually transmitted. I have seen women who have started from the bottom up through hard work, sweat, tears and determination. I have also seen women accused of sleeping with their bosses to get a promotion or rise up the carer ladder, when in real sense, they have worked hard for everything they have achieved. There are also those who have chosen to achieve what they have by compromising their morals.

The problem with trying to use shortcuts to get to the top is that it catches up with you. Bosses change all the time and you can’t sleep with all of them, all the time to gain an added advantage. And by accepting all the sexual offers in order to move to the next step, you have succeeded in proving to the world that you not only wasted the education you got but you are also incapable of doing anything without a ‘god father’.

You do not need to sleep with someone influential or your boss to achieve success at work or anywhere else and anyone offering a job or promotion in exchange for sex is a disgrace to the society. Trust in your own abilities, give time some time, keep sending out those applications, keep working hard, trust in the grace of God, because you will achieve that success you desire so much, you will get that job you yearn for so badly. And you do not need a ‘god father’ or ‘god mother’.

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