Should I take up the New Job?

A friend of mine recently asked me to help her make a decision as she had received a job offer from another company and was not sure what to do.

Making a decision like the one above especially when you are in another job is not usually easy. I have found myself in that spot severally and I can’t even begin to tell you about the sleepless nights I had, wondering what to do. It is however important to remember that for you to have applied for this other job and attended the interview, there was a reason. Whether to or not to take a new job is dependent on the following factors:

What is your reason for wanting to leave your current employer? Is it working conditions, salary issues, personal/family issues or do you just feel like you need a change?

Secondly, what is the comparison in the new job’s offer versus your current salary? How about the benefits attached to the new job? Money shoul not always be the major factor to consider when making such a decision. The money might be very good but the working conditions are terrible. Choose which one you are willing to compromise on.

Take your time to think about this, if you need to consult more people, please do. If you feel it’s something you need spiritual guidance on, pray about it before making up your mind.

The decision to change jobs can never be made by someone else for you, it personal. Be very careful though, sometimes the grass seems looks very green in your neghbour’s compound only for you to arrive and discover that the water bills have not been paid for a while.


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