One of my University Professors defined ‘Integrity’ simply as ‘doing the right thing when no one is watching’.

It is important that whether you are at work or anywhere else, you avoid doing the right thing only when under supervision. As a Manager or Employer, you may decide to be late to work or even accept a bribe because you are convinced that no one is watching. The thing is that such habits come back to bite you when you least expect.

Being a person of integrity is however not easy. You must be strong willed and know exactly what you stand for. People will test you without even realizing that you are being tested. Some of these tests will show up wrapped as presents or even money. But unless you have made a decision not to compromise your integrity, you will easily fall into this trap.

Do not hand your power over to an employee simply because you could not control your urge to collect a bribe because the moment one pays you to receive a favor or job, they are in a position to blackmail you at will.

When you have nothing to hide, no matter how much people try to create stories about you, they will never be able to prove it……… and there is pride in that, take it from me!

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