Human Resources practice

Over time, I have come to learn that human resources practice is one of the loneliest professions one can undertake.

As exciting and challenging as it is, at one point when it comes to decision making, you are most likely to remain alone while the rest of the group goes with what is most convenient to the company at the time, yet unlawful. But the law doesn’t really care about what’s comfortable to you as an employer or employee you know.

Every company has those ‘human resource experts’ whose job is to teach you how to do your job. They will interpret employment laws to you in their own way and then tell you that that’s how it’s done in other places. You see though, that everyone is doing the wrong thing doesn’t make it right.

Human Resources is a double edged sword, it cuts both sides and as the link between the management and the employees, one needs to find the balance. You can’t lean on one side too much. The principles that guide HR practise in my opinion are fairness and justice. In all the decisions you make at the end of the day, the above principles must be put into consideration. And the due process needs to be followed, no matter how long and boring it is.

The role of the human resources department in any company, among others, is advisory. You are required to advise the management on the best employment practises as well as ensure that the employment laws are implemented accordingly. And this is where the challenge is, on the implementation part. As a HRM, don’t just leave it at the advisory level, go the extra mile, push for implementation. There will be resistance, but in time, you will see changes.

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