Hope even when hope is hopeless

I write about hope today as a special message to my friend who is currently hanging in there.

Sometimes life happens and everything falls apart. Life beats us so bad that we become so bruised and afraid to even hope for anything better. You are walking on the footpath and suddenly, a speeding motorbike hits you. You have a very stable and well paying job and boom! investors pull out and your position is declared redundant. One day you are living your best life, and then you get diagnosed with a life threatening illness.

Truth is, very bad things happen to very good people. There are days you will wake up feeling like running away from your life. Those days you wish you could vanish from the face of this earth, because life stresses have overwhelmed you.

As a Christian, I believe that God’s grace is always sufficient for us in our time of need. Sometimes I literally have to force myself to repeat that statement, until I begin to believe again. Hope is that faint voice in your heart that tells you ‘it will be okay’ when everything is literally falling apart in your life. Hope is the belief that the sun will shine again tomorrow.

Hope is one of the most important things in life and without it, one is as good as dead. You need to have hope that even when you fall, you will rise up again, that you will beat that illness, that you get that job, that you will graduate from college. Keep your hope alive!


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