Hello Friend

Show me your friends and I’ll tell you the kind of person you are!

Your friends are a reflection of who you really are, mostly! The people you hang out with greatly influence your behaviors. I have learnt that in this life, your friends can be more family to you than your birth family. Some of them will support you when you are in need way more than even your own blood relatives.

One of the rules of thumb in any true friendship is honesty, loyalty and respect. It is your moral obligation to tell your friend the truth especially when you realize their decisions are going to land them in trouble. Whether they choose to heed to your advise or not is up to them.

You need to hang out with people who build you up and not tear you down. People who will stand with you and defend your honor courageously. People who are bold enough to tell you that the relationship you are in is not healthy and you need to walk away. Those who will tell you that what you are wearing doesn’t suit your body type or is not appropriate for the occasion and you will not take it personally. Those who will tell you to your face that you don’t need a long list of lovers to prove your masculinity or feminity. But when your friends agree with everything you say and do all the time, know that those are not friends, they are actually your fans.

You don’t always have to behave like your friends though. You can be best friends but still totally two different people. And you don’t need to have the whole world as your friends, keep your circle small and tight. Be in a position to differentiate between true friends and acquaintances.

Building a good friendship requires hard work and patience with one another. So if you find that one person who is ready to stand with you through thick and thin, treasure them as you build each other up.


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