Happy Women’s Day

I’ve met and been inspired by great women in my life, I’ve read about exceptional women, women who have conquered barriers. Of all of these women, one woman stands out to me……..my mother!!! And no one has even written a book about her…….yet!

This woman was made of steel. She took the bull by its horns and was never afraid to speak her mind. She knew when to fight and when to just sit back and watch.

Our Heavenly Father has the reputation of making Master Pieces, but I think He outdid Himself when creating this woman. This woman was simply exceptional……and she didn’t even know it.

She worked hard, she broke her back to feed her kids and she never complained. She hated laziness. We were all assigned specific duties daily. Sometimes I wondered where she got all that strength.

When it came to disciplining her kids, she was in the front line. If you came to her to report that you had heard someone speaking ill of her, she would slap the living daylight out of you. Gossip was out of question. I do not remember talking back at her, but how could you….unless you were signing your death warrant. Her rule was simple with her children, her house, her rules,otherwise,you were free to move out.

My mother never went to school……ok, she went through adult education, enough to enable her count the pages of my exercise books to confirm that they were all intact. We were not the easiest children to deal with. But she valued education, not once while she was alive was I ever sent home for not paying school fees. If she needed to go and plead with the Head Master, she was ready. With all my education and degrees, I’m not even half the woman my mother was.

And today as we celebrate Women’s Day, I celebrate an incredible woman. A woman who sacrificed everything, until her last breath, for her family. The night before she died, she made sure she had prepared the following day’s lunch for her children.

I take after my mother, in more ways than one. I draw my strength from her legacy because even in death, this woman continues to shape my life. I am my mother’s daughter!!!

Dear Lord, grant my mother eternal rest and may you continue to bless her children. Happy Women’s Day to all the selfless women out there, all the great women who refuse to stay on the sideline and watch things happen. To all the women who sweat it out to make this world a better place, we celebrate you today and everyday!!!


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