Happy Mothers’ Day

Today we celebrate Mothers’ Day and so I celebrate my mother as well as several other great mothers out there.

My mother was a great woman and I can talk about her all day long. Graceful, strong, God fearing, a disciplinarian, don’t even begin to describe this woman. She lives forever in my heart.

Today though, I honor a different woman; my sister (may her soul rest in peace!). She was my second mother, a woman so strong, hardworking and admirable. This fine young woman defended my dignity as a young girl with honor. Her strong character to me was a sure sign that she was a true daughter of my mother. I think in this life, the only person she feared was God.

So when I received that call that morning that she had passed on, I was in shock. I blamed God, my faith was shaken. For a very long time I struggled with depression, I couldn’t sleep properly for months. I don’t think I’ve ever been so afraid like I was when this happened. Until now, I still think that God made a mistake by taking her, it wasn’t just time yet, according to my calculations. But I’m only human. I have learnt to forgive God for this ‘mistake’.

There are several women out there who have taken up the role of mothers by choice or have been forced into it by circumstances beyond their control. We celebrate you all today. There are no accolades that await you at the end of the day but you still go above and beyond to make your children’s lives better. May God bless you more.

And to all those men who are on double duty and have also taken up the roles of mothers to their children because of different reasons, the Angels are preparing a very special place in heaven for you with free high speed Wi-Fi and constant flow of wine. Bless your hearts too.

As for the rest of us who celebrate us mothers in absentia, we hold their memories very close to our hearts. We believe that one day we will be reunited and that wherever they are,they continuing to rest in eternal peace.

Happy Mothers’ Day!!!

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