Dear 2018,

This is going to be my final article this year on this blog. The following are my major take homes from this year:

#1: Put God first in anything and everything you do. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not in your own understanding.

#2: Believe and have faith in yourself and your capabilities. Not many people will believe in you, but the confidence you have in yourself will propel you to greater heights. Keep pushing.

#3: Humility is a very important virtue in this life. You are more than your job title and your colleagues and staff are more than the name tags they wear across their chests. Respect each person for the human being they are and not the various positions they hold.

#4: Stop telling yourself and people that you don’t have enough time to do this and that. There will never be enough time in one lifetime to do everything you want to do. So create the time.

#5: Have a life outside of your work. Find yourself a hobby, hang out with your friends, have fun. You only have one life, live them.

#6: Not every door that is closed is locked, push it because it might just open. When people tell you ‘NO’ or close the door on your face, use it as an inspiration to aim even higher. Fight for your dreams.

#7: Reporting to work early and leaving very late does not make you the most productive employee. Answering ‘yes sir/madam’ to your boss all the time even though you know it is wrong does not make you the most loyal employee either. There is a very huge difference between loyalty and ass kissing.

#8: Take responsibility for your actions. When you are wrong, admit it without trying to pin the blame on other people. Stop making excuses for your failures and incompetence, instead, learn from them and improve.

#9: Be a man/woman of your word. When you say ‘Yes’, let it be a yes and when you say ‘No’, let it be exactly that. Your word is your brand.

#10: To those that much is given, much is expected. Do not wait to share only in the glory, without wanting to be part of the story. The more responsibilities, the higher the expectations, so live up to the expectations of your position.

#11: Leadership is not about titles and positions, but how much you can influence others to follow your dream. A good leader leads by example, so be the example you want your subordinates to emulate.

#12: You are only useful to yourself and family when you are alive. Take care of your health. Find time to work out, learn to eat healthy and most importantly, wear your greatest assets: a smile and confidence.

Merry Christmas to you all and let’s meet again in 2019! God bless you.

Yours Truly, AW.


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