Before the Interview

Recruitment process is one of the major activities of any Human Resource Manager.

From my experience, it is not one of the exciting things about human resource practise. And there are some candidates who have made it even more painful.

As a candidate, it is very important that when you are called for an interview, you come well prepared. I have done some interviews that left me almost in tears. Some of the things you need to consider when attending an interview are as follows:

Research about the company you are going to. It is a very awkward moment at an interview when you have no idea where you are at. The impression you give the interviewer is that you are not serious. Referrals have a habit of arriving for an interview like they own the place. The research rules apply to everyone.

Be punctual. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. By arriving late, you have already given me an idea about the kind of employee you will be. Arrive at least 30minutes early so you can relax as you wait.

Dress for the interview, depending one the position. I have seen people come for interviews in flip flops and camisoles. Look as professional as you can. Make sure you smell nice…….without using whole bottle of your perfume.

Carry your documents. In Kenya, we believe in seeing in seeing the original certificates. Bring them along. Always carry an extra copy of your CV. There are interviewers who walk into an interview room with no idea of who they are about to interview.

Last but not least, carry your confidence with you. Looking like a weather beaten kitten at an interview hurts your chances of being hired. Your confidence shows in your dressing, how you walk into the interview room, your tone when you speak, how firm your grip is when you shake hands with the interviewer (if you must) and your body language.


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