After you leave your Employer

Exiting employment is hard, whether it’s under good circumstances or not so good terms.

In any normal organization, you will find that everyone will attempt to come up with their own explanation of the circumstances surrounding their colleague’s exist. There will be accusations, some of it, completely absurd. Unfortunately, the most scandalous version usually carries the day. It is all human nature.

As a junior officer some years back, I once heard that my reason for exiting this particular company was because I was romantically involved with a top level senior Manager and there was even a sex tape to prove it. At first, I was very hurt and furious about that story. I even contemplated storming back into that place and publicly refuting all those allegations. Then I thought about it some more and decided to focus that energy on something that would actually add value to my life, so I let it go. When I think back at this experience, I find it hilarious and simply put, stupid. I was once so broke though, that I thought about going back to demand for that infamous sex tape so I could pull a Kim K on everyone.

People will always have something negative to say about you, whether you spend all your time trying to do good to them or not. Unfortunately also, this is usually that time when even those colleagues you considered friends distance themselves from you, lest your unemployment rubs onto them. What really counts however, is your truth. No one knows you better than yourself. When you know that your conscience is clear and you can sleep well at night, then you are good. All the negative talk simply turn into distant noise.

The end of one employment, whether voluntary or otherwise is never the end of the world, though sometimes it may feel like that. It is simply the beginning of a new life. Always look at a closed door as an opportunity for the opening of a new and better one. Do not stare at that closed door for too long though, lest you miss the opportunity to enter a new one. It is also very important that you do not listen to gossip either. Stay away from those frenemies whose life ambition is to bring you the latest gist about you at your former employment.

This us the time to focus on yourself, in getting your mojo back and then, later, looking at how to get back on your feet. Do not let the opinions of people bring you down and sink you into depression. Instead, make it your lifelong goal to do everything in your power to get back up, and to a better and higher level. Trust me, all those who were badmouthing you will soon be calling to ask if you could refer them for employment at your current place of work.

When you are at your lowest, trust yourself, in your God given strength and most importantly, trust in the Lord with all your heart.


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