Whenever we hear about ‘Motivation’ at our places of work, the first thing that crosses our minds is what the employer is going to do to make us feel better at work, or other, love our work.

We start to think about increased salaries, more allowance etc. The truth of the matter is, we are all motivated by different things. Abraham Maslow clearly explains this in his theory of Hierarchy of Needs.

The choice of whether to feel or not to feel motivated at work is always a personal one. Any additional things done by your employer to improve this are just touch ups.

The biggest motivator your employer can ever give you in the opportunity to work. Working for someone is not a favor you are doing for them as people tend to imagine. There is someone who is able to do the job you do, even better than you. The only difference between you and them is the opportunity you have. The opportunity to be alive alone is enough motivation for each person to keep fighting and moving forward.

So every morning when you sit on your desk and start wondering what your employer is going to do to motivate you, you need to remember that your motivation comes from within you first. You must desire to sit on that desk and do everything that pertains to sitting on that desk. You must prove to yourself that you have earned the right to do what you do because you are competent enough. Otherwise, if the inner motivation is lacking, your employer does not have a magic stick that when it is swung over your head, it will move you from ‘unmotivated’ to ‘motivated’.


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